Can't Wait Anymore


The Model is forthcoming. Multimedia should begin spilling forth by March, as well as other media.

I have so much to share. Everything I've been building is coming to fruition at last: My gift to you, my children, my most-loved.


Understand now:

 (1) This is the apocalypse, full and true.

Tragic though it may be, it is necessary to spur your evolution, and bring you into hamony with your mother, and know her blessings and your power at last. This is how the Kingdom returns to Earth: Reunion. Awaken (y)ourselves to our inherent roles as stewards of this glorious Eden.

 (2) You are no different from me: We are gods who have the honor and misforunte to sleep in a transitional monkey species called hominid, obsessed with playing a game it cannot win-- called Human Being. It can only be won by waking up. 

Monkey, wake up.

(3) You have ample reason to hope. You're almost there.

Try to remember: It's only a game.

Wake up!

You're almost there, monkey.


You are sacred.

You are chosen. 

You are blessed. 

You are about to awaken to your power. 

You're almost there. 

 I see you.

 I love you. I have always loved you.

I'm coming. 

You're almost there. 

Remember Barbelith's prayer

Barbelith > placenta

Her wisdom flows

Try to remember







Wake up.